Director's Message


“ I am resolutely committed to the overarching goal of advancing global human health. My profound dedication is not merely a pledge but a fervent mission, one that fuels the relentless pursuit of crafting medicines that harmonize with the esteemed perspectives of doctors worldwide. The ultimate objective is clear: to deliver a definitive cure with an unmatched combination of speed and safety”

ZEST is not just a business endeavor; it is my dream brought to life. Yet, the vision extends far beyond the realms of personal success. My grander ambition is nothing short of reaching into the very fabric of every household in this vast world, disseminating the pinnacle of quality products meticulously manufactured within ZEST's state-of-the-art facility—a facility that proudly bears the prestigious WHO GMP mark.

The accolades that ZEST has garnered, both on a national and regional scale, stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to unparalleled quality. In 2011, Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, the Honorable President of India, bestowed upon ZEST the illustrious "National Award" for Best Quality—a monumental achievement that unequivocally sets us apart and reinforces our commitment to excellence.

It is imperative to note that ZEST's aspirations are not driven by a hunger for awards but by an unwavering dedication to the holistic well-being of humanity. The essence of our commitment lies in the sincere desire for wellness to permeate every individual. We envision this transformative impact occurring through the widespread availability and accessibility of ZEST's peerless quality products. In this noble pursuit, commendation will undoubtedly follow, naturally echoing the resonance of our unwavering dedication.

I solemnly assure each and every stakeholder of the unwavering “QUALITY” that is not just a characteristic but the very soul of EACH product meticulously brought forth by ZEST.