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Most paediatric digestive drops lack antiflatulent (carminative) action. Carminative drops lack enzymatic digestive activity. Antispasmodic drops containing dicyclomine are considered unsafe for children. Nuzyme drops have dual action to provide faster relief to the child. Treat stomach aches, reduces flatulence & bloating. Aids digestion. EK Boond, Dugna Sakoon

Packing - 15 ML

Each ml contains

Fungal Diastase (1:800)IP 20mg

Papain IP 10mg

Activated Dimethicone IP 40 mg

Caraway Oil BP 400 mcg

(added as flavouring agent)

Cinnamon Oil BP 200 mcg

(added as flavouring agent)

Cardamom Oil BP 400 mcg

(added as flavouring agent)

Flavoured syrup base

Colic / Dyspepsia / Indigestion

10 drops once or twice daily as per age