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Effective and safe digestive formulation which also relieves dyspepsia & flatulence. Relieves pregnancy induced dyspepsia gently and safely. Aids digestion with amylase & protease activity.

Packing - 200 ML

Each 5ml contains

Diastase (1:1200) IP-50mg

(Fungal diastase derived from aspergillus oryzae)

Digest not less than 60g of cooked starch)

Pepsin (1:3000) IP-10mg

(Digest not less than 30gm of coagulated egg albumin)q

Flavoured syrup base qs

Bloating / Indigestion / Dyspepsia / Flatulence / Belching. Pregnancy induced Dyspepsia

Adult 5ml after meals. Children half teaspoon after meals