OTOTIC Ear Drops

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With Gentamicin covering common bacteria causing ear infections and clotrimazole covering fungi causing otomycosis, Combination offers improvement or cure of otalgia, otorrhea and middle ear mucosal inflammation. Lignocaine offers instant relief from intense ear pain while glycerine base of Ototic gently dissolves ear wax

Packing - 5ML

Gentamicin I.P  - 0.3% w/v

Beclomethasone  -0.025% w/v

Clotrimazole  -1% w/v

Lignocaine IP -  2% w/v

In Glycerin IP & Propylene Glycol IP base

Otomycosis / Otitis externa / Acute otitis media

4-5 drops in both the ears 3/4 times daily