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Nutritional support for better health. Excellent taste and acceptance of the product. Brand name suggestive of Protein, Fe (Iron), Calcium; L-Lysine to stimulate growth and appetite of children; Zinc boosts immunity and growth, Gentle well tolerated Ferrous Gluconate provides some Iron & helps avoid anaemia; Yeast extract is a source of many vitamins; Folic acid & Vitamin B12 also help check anaemia and protect the nerves; Vit B12 (Cyanocobalamin) meets the RDA of this important vitamin which is often lacking in vegetarian diet and is crucial for healthy nerves.

Packing - 200 ML

Each 15ml contains: (as Protein Hydrolysate 20%)-3gms

Calcium Gluconate-200mg

Yeast Extract-100mg

Ferrous Gluconate-50mg

L-Lysine Monohydrochloride-50mg

Magnesium Chloride-10mg

Zinc Sulphate-5mg

Copper Sulphate-1.5mg

Folic Acid-0.5mg

Manganese Chloride-0.1mg


Flavoured syrup base

Retarded growth / Protein energy malnutrition / Convalescence / Recurrent infections / Lethargy

1 TBSF twice daily